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You can’t get where you’re going without clarity on where you are. For over a decade I’ve helped leaders process information, develop clear strategies, and work a plan that unites their team and accelerates their mission to make a difference. It’s not impossible, but it does start with intentional and honest conversations.

Areas I Can Help

Design & Development

It’s been said that communication is eliciting the right response. What you want people to hear, know, and feel is often influenced by the way you say it – and show it. I work with you in exploring mediums and designing materials that engage your audience and increase the effectiveness of your message.

Ways I Can Help

Flexible Options

It seems life is changing faster than we can keep up. So I offer flexible rates and relationships that allow you to move forward with confidence.



A great first step in any working relationship. I work with you to see a specific project from start to finish.



A seasonal agreement that moves beyond a specific project to offering support through a project scope.



An open-ended retainer that brings me alongside you and your team in a remote capacity and function.

Adam is one of the best strategic minds I know. His ability to break down complex issues into a workable systematic solution is one of his greatest assets. In a world that is changing rapidly, we all need someone who can help us navigate the challenges this presents both in the short and long term. Adam is creative, intentional, understanding, and experienced which equips him to address this need. So, if you are looking to create a mission statement, organize your team around a mission, develop new and creative ways to connect with people, or create a system to ensure that your mission is accomplished, Adam would be an invaluable resource to that end.

Bill MarkhamLead Pastor, Central Community Church

Adam has been an important voice in helping to shape Movement Church to be what it is today. From his practical leadership teachings to his hands-on help through virtual coaching he has helped our staff and organization move forward and gain new ground for Jesus. Adam has a passion for Jesus and the local church while at the same time having skills and mindsets that can help us as leaders see and fix deficiencies, holes and shortcomings. If your organization is wanting to grow and make a difference in your city, I would highly suggest you spend some time with Adam.

Jeff PriceLead Pastor, Movement Church

Adam has been working and collaborating with our team at Whitebird Promotional and continually brings an authentic and creative element to each project. He is responsive to our team and listens to our needs while using his ingenuity to help us create the best end results for our costumers. Adam is an indispensable asset to any design project.

George PerreiraWhitebird Promotional, Owner

Having the honour of working under Adam’s leadership, I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences I’ve had in my own ministry career. Adam is a visionary leader, but what sets him apart is his rare gift of not just seeing the vision, but knowing how to bring that vision to fruition. I am personally grateful for what Adam was able to bring to my own leadership, helping me achieve clarity when it came to accomplishing my goals. What I will always appreciate most about Adam is the confidence he was able to install into me, not just as a leader, but as a person. I will always remember Adam for being a great teammate but more importantly, I know him today as an even greater friend.

Terry BurnsCampus Pastor, Lifecentre

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