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The truly unique thing we all have to offer is our own experiences; the skills, wisdom, and lessons we have learned through them.

Over the past twenty-plus years, I've had the privilege of working with and learning from some of the greatest leaders I know. That experience has given me a unique insight and opportunity to gain knowledge, experience, and even some expertise in these three areas. I'd love the opportunity to sit with you and see how I can help support you in your leadership and mission.

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1. Creating Organizational Clarity

Leadership, Vision, Mission, Values, Culture, Staffing, and Team Development

Organizational clarity isn’t a nice notion, it’s essential to building a ministry that will grow beyond you and your reach. Organizations that are experiencing growth are the ones who have clearly defined their intent, communicated their culture unapologetically, created clear lines for people to know and grow within the organization, and held to it consistently with authenticity and transparency. Together, we will engage in the essential conversations that lead to organizational clarity that build a dynamic team and accelerates your vision.

2. Communicating Your Brand

Communication, Language, Strategy, Design, Branding, Messaging, and Mission

Have you ever considered what people’s gut reaction is when they hear your church’s name? Not what you want it to be, but what it actually is? Branding is far bigger than a logo – it’s what people feel when they think about you; which is formed by what they see and hear, and in turn say themselves to others. Together, we will explore ways to elicit the right response and discover practical tools that will help you in communicating your message and unique brand to your church and community.

3. Curating Life-Giving Services

Creativity, Art, Production, Worship, Programming, Engagement, and Resources

Sundays. They come every seven days whether we’re ready for them or not. And despite the reality that the church is far more than the one-hour we gather each week, this one hour is the catalyst for vision, momentum, connection, and mission within your church and your community. The question is simple; are we maximizing it’s potential in fulfilling our mission? Together, we will explore the significance of this time, and how to effectively plan, prepare for, execute, and evaluate a life-giving service.

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