About Me

Hello. My name is Adam,

I am a systematic thinker and creative problem-solver.

Over the past two decades, I have worked as a Youth and Young Adults Pastor, Worship Pastor, Creative Communications Director, Service Programmer, Associate Pastor and Executive Pastor with congregations ranging from 200-2000.  These experiences have given me the unique opportunity to serve almost every aspect of the local church and learn from some for the best leaders in our nation. Now I use my experience to help churches communicate their message and accomplish their mission to make a difference.

Strategic Leadership


Creative Communications


Team Alignment


The truly unique thing we have to offer is our own experiences; the skills, lessons, and wisdom we have gained through them.

I knew I was called to serve the local church in my early teen years. It was never a struggle or a battle, but something I felt drawn to like a moth to a flame. After high school, I moved from my home in London, Ontario to the lower mainland in beautiful British Columbia to attend Western Pentecostal Bible College (now known as Summit Pacific College), to begin my four-year training for full-time ministry.

Like most college experiences it was filled with both ups and downs, taking me on a journey of both spiritual and self-discovery, but also set me the course to serve the local church, meet some amazing people, and make a difference in cities like Bowmanville, Hamilton, St. Catharines, and Ottawa, where I now live my wife, Wendy, and our teenage twin boys.

I’ve been able to speak, lead worship, and create unforgettable moments for people to experience Jesus. I’ve been able to help churches rethink communications, refine their brand, and tell better stories. And I’ve had the privilege of sitting with church leaders to help clarify their vision, unite their teams and accelerate their mission.

Almost twenty years and countless experiences later I’ve grown to learn a few things about myself; values that have become anchors in my life and influence my approach to work and ministry.

1. I love the local church. It’s been said the local church is the hope of the world. I’m driven to see that Hope overflow to make a Jesus-sized difference in our world.

2. I love creativity and design and use them to solve problems every day. Whether it’s creating organizational clarity or developing artwork to a story, simplify awareness or increase engagement.

3. I believe in excellence, and that anything worth doing is worth doing right. This not only honours God but inspires others.

4. I believe we have no time to waste. Our mandate is clear and our mission is critical, therefore we must do what we can, where we can and when we can.

How Can I Help?

Are you looking for an outside perspective in creating organization clarity or need support in some upcoming design projects? I'd love the opportunity to connect with you and see how I can help.

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