It was about three years ago that we began this crazy idea of hosting a conference for Canadian church leaders. We had heard about, seen and visited other amazing conference hosted by our friends south of the boarder, but the desire to have something in Canada for Canadians was a dream we couldn’t shake.

So we began to dream what that could look like.

Like many others, I remember admiring what Scott McClellan and the team from RT Creative Group was doing through Echo Conference and the late Collide Magazine, so I throw out a hail mary and pitched a crazy idea through their general contact email, almost certain it would be dismissed. But to my shock and surprise I received an email from Scott (who might as well been Bono from my perspective) the next day stating his interesting and inquiry for more details.

What details?

At that point it was simply a dream. An embryonic idea – a nudge – a desire – with little to no solid foundation or plan. Sure, we thrown out ideas of what could be, we noticed the need and heard the questions being asked, but really had no idea what we were asking at that point. We didn’t have a business plan a mission statement or a list of core values. Just an idea.

So began the development process.

I remember our conversations with Scott, brainstorming different ideas from hosting an Echo Canada to potential partnership ideas. We asked the hard and honest questions. Scott Trapasso and myself would meet regularly to breakdown and clearly articulate this dream we believed God placed inside our hearts. This process seemed to go on for months. Ideas morphed and developed until clarity came to the horizon of this God-sized dream. Create Conference would be a solo venture with the backing of our local community, Central Community Church, while Scott his team from Echo would cheer us on from the sidelines, acting as an unofficial “big brother” (a role we desperately needed and valued) to this new, developing conference.

Today, with our freshman conference under our belt, we couldn’t be more excited about what Create Conference has developed into; the network it’s developing among Canadian Creatives; the resource it’s becoming for the Canadian Church and the rallying point it is for hundreds of Canadian church leaders from coast to coast to come together and learn from one another.

Create Conference exists to inspire, encourage and equip Canadian church leaders through the area of creative communications: arts, design, video, web and creative leadership. It provides the opportunity for church leaders, creatives, artist and designers to be inspired by influential keynote speakers and to receive practical training in the diverse fields of creative communications.

As a conference we want to serve the church of Canada. We want to provide opportunities for networking and conversation. We want to produce resources that speak directly into our Canadian culture and climate, while introducing successful and creative tools that will aid in creative communications. But more importantly, it is our desire to provide a platform that inspires creativity in the minds and methods of Canadian church leaders.

So that is our story. I feel we are still in the beginning chapters, developing the plot and introducing the characters – but we are putting pen to paper, doing our part to seeing this God-sized dream become a reality.

For more information about Create Conference, or to register this years conference experience, please visit our website at We would love for you to be part of this developing story.

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  • Scott McClellan says:

    I love seeing what Create has become and is becoming. Keep up the great work, Adam!

About Adam

Adam is the Executive Pastor at Lifecentre in the Ottawa. He is incredibly passionate about the local church and designing unforgettable opportunities for people to experience God.

Adam lives in Ottawa with his beautiful wife, Wendy, and their twin boys, Carter and Hunter.

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